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World largest graveyard of electronic wastes “Ghana Agbogbloshie”

MAGO decided to visit by himself a place that was known to be the world’s largest graveyard of electronic wastes, the slums of Agbogbloshie in Ghana. At Agbogbloshie, What he saw there was the sad truth that these workers would develop diseases such as cancer and passed away in their 30s, caused by the inhalation of toxic gas.

“Is it truly important to build wealth while these people become casualties? I want to reveal the truth to the developed countries through the power of art.”

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Formula to make people and the earth become happy “Sustainable Capitalism”

MAGO holds out the concept of “Sustainable Capitalism”, a sustainable cycle which composes 3 important elements of “culture”, “economy”, and “social contribution”, into his activities. The more Ghana artwork of Mago is owned, the wastes in Ghana will be reduced, contribution to the economy will be made, and culture will grow. At the same moment, this issue will spread all over the world.

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Building a factory in the slums, then to a peaceful world

MAGO’s goal is to gather over ¥10,000,000,000 and build the most advanced recycling factory in Agbogbloshie by 2030.As an artist, MAGO’s ultimate goal is to make the world a more peaceful place.He is seriously committed to make it happen.

Solving the Ghana slum issue will certainly lead us to a peaceful world in the future.

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